Stydia AU: Stiles abandoned his jeep for Lydia.


teen wolf AU - Allison as The Benefactor

After being supposedly killed by the Oni, Allison Argent lost her memory. The Calaveras took her in and turned her into a hunter again, reminding Allison of her origins. When the Calaveras assign her the mission to hunt down every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills, Allison accepts it without remembering that used to be her home, and those she’s chasing, her friends.

Lydia’s New BFF 

And up the season 3 I want a friendship between Lyds and Kira.But it seems like Malia and Kira doing well. Soo if she is good that girl who is pretty new, Violet or sth i want her be friend with Lyds. Actually lyds can be friend with everyone except Malia. I din’t like her.